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Hi Dr. Nirdosh...

How did you go from child dancer to Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor treating rock stars, millionaires and members of the Royal Family?




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My childhood was colourful. Orderly disorder, chaos with calculation. I was encouraged very early by my mom

and dad to become a child performer

of eastern/western dance, it was an

entertainment sensation rippling

through the ethnic communities of

Europe in the late 1970s.

My mother contrived a master plan,

which forced me into action. Failure was not an option and I was touring the UK nightly as a solo dancer, even though I was barely 8 years old. Her tunnel vision

brought success. I learnt an important lesson too and it was this; as I was one of a few, and not one of many, by working hard it was possible to become top of my game!

I ended up performing to audiences

of thousands every night. My mother was an avid dancer and a very good one too, and mentored me from the early age of four to master the highly technical skillsets

necessary to prove my worth as the superior child dancer. Unbeknown to me, the dedicated hours of committed discipline to dance, up to six hours a day,

seven days a week, was to be the blueprint of my success later in life. Work hard! And that discipline remains a core part of me to this very day.

I recall peers, friends and cousins

at that time questioning why I dedicated so many hours to something which may result in nothing. I never saw it that way. It was true that dancing faded out of my

life after the birth of my other sisters because my parents didn’t have the same time to focus on dance, but the work ethic and discipline never left me. And when I went on to grammar school I had skillsets

which no one else had - dance and nutrition! For having undergone such a gruelling dance schedule I had learnt to eat well and look after my body. So

age 11, I was the class nutrition expert! This was a double edged sword as I would analyse classmates’ lunchboxes telling them what would cause energy slumps and what would make their skin spotty and

rashy. As you can imagine I was seen as a weirdo and this resulted in me not having many friends.

Ironically I wasn’t too keen on

sports. I think I was still reeling from dance burnout, but I was fascinated with food and the body and ended up studying

Medicine at Birmingham Medical University. Upon arrival I asked lecturers about nutrition and anti-ageing medicine. They showed little interest and brushed it off, so I ended up researching it myself!

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This research continued alongside

my studies. I qualified and started doing late nights as an NHS doctor. I was on call doing 18 hour shifts seven days a week. Whilst working late nights, like all

new doctors, I started ageing

prematurely. I was losing my hair,

I was gaining weight, I was

losing elasticity in my facial

skin, my face was losing colour

and I looked a decade older

in just six months. I found

myself confronted with two

options, either I continue

ageing rapidly or I

become the guinea pig

for my own anti-ageing

plan. I chose the latter

and the rest as they

say is history.

I became the

leading private

Cosmetic Doctor to

high profile clients

around the globe who

demanded the best

results and now who

regularly fly in just to

see me.

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Start out with a belief in yourself, then go forward with tunnel vision - without negative distraction - so you can attain your dreams. Set a

realistic plan, and if you execute it consistently, no matter how long it takes, you will prevail.

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