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Our favourite tips or sayings from successful women

"I now believe confidence comes from doing. Nobody is born confident, it is something that comes from hard work and practice."

Sahar Hashemi, Businesswoman

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Kavita Oberoi.jpg

"For me, it was all about proving everyone else wrong. You shouldn’t do this, you can’t do that – I ignored it all."

Kavita Oberoi, Businesswoman

"Empathise with the bullies and understand why they may be acting the way they are. It could be to do with jealousy or perhaps I needed to change the way I was acting. Either way, I was in the position of power and not the bullies."

Emma Vites, Businesswoman

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Karen Vousden.jpg

"There is nothing more exciting than the buzz you get from understanding how things work and why."

Professor Karen Vousden, Scientist

"The attitude to women pursuing careers in scientific research has changed for the better in the last twenty years. There are now many more opportunities."

Professor Kay Davies, Geneticist

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Dame Athene Donald.jpg

"I recommend a gap year for everyone heading to university – you end up a lot more mature and self-assured."

Dame Athene Donald, Scientist

"As I was one of a few, and not one of many, by working hard it was possible to become top of my game!"

Dr Nirdosh, Medicine

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Jane Goodall.jpg

"Throughout my career I’ve always had a positive outlook and so, in my mind, I’ve never really faced rejection, just hurdles to overcome!"

Jane Goodall, Adventurer

"Could I combine my career with my hobby and find a way to further explore my world? Yes, I have found a way to do that."

Jill Heinerth, Underwater explorer

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Anji Mohindra.jpg

"Being rejected was a real shock for I had wanted so much to get the part but, weirdly, instead of being totally disheartened it made me doubly determined to get a job in TV and become an actress."

Anji Mohindra, Actress

"Then, one day, with the help of a friend, I realised that we all have the choice how to view ourselves, and I was choosing to be negative."

Francesca Martinez, Comedian

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Kanya King.jpg

"The first event had been organised and run from my bedroom! Working alone from home, I felt isolated. For me, it’s important to share experiences and get different perspectives, so I made sure I changed this aspect of my work."

Kanya King, Founder of MOBO Awards

"Good luck in all that you pursue, but pursue you must."

The Late Baroness Thatcher, First Female Prime Minister

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